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Top 10 Burpsuite Extensions You Must Know in 2023

Top 10 Burpsuite Extensions You Must Know in 2023

Burp Suite is a widely recognized web application security testing tool that has gained immense popularity among security professionals. With its robust features and extensibility, Burp Suite provides an arsenal of tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. One of the standout features of Burp Suite is its extensive collection of extensions, which enhance its capabilities and empower testers to perform comprehensive security assessments. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 Burp Suite extensions you must know in 2023.

The JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

The JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

The JSON Web Tokens (JWT) extension for Burp Suite is a valuable tool that enhances the testing capabilities for web applications that use JWT-based authentication and authorization mechanisms. JWTs are a popular means of representing claims between parties in web applications, and they play a crucial role in modern authentication systems.

The JWT extension allows security professionals to analyze and manipulate JWTs within the Burp Suite framework, providing a comprehensive approach to testing and identifying vulnerabilities associated with JWT usage.

TOOL –  JSON Web Tokens


The Autorize extension for Burp Suite is a powerful tool designed to assist security professionals in performing authorization testing during web application security assessments. Authorization vulnerabilities can lead to unauthorized access, data leakage, and other security risks. The Autorize extension aims to identify and exploit these vulnerabilities, allowing testers to evaluate the robustness of access control mechanisms in web applications.


AWS Security Checks

The AWS Security Checks extension for Burp Suite is a specialized tool designed to assist security professionals in identifying security weaknesses and vulnerabilities specific to Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. As cloud computing continues to gain popularity, securing AWS infrastructure is of utmost importance. The AWS Security Checks extension helps testers assess the security posture of AWS deployments and identify potential misconfigurations or vulnerabilities.

TOOLAWS Security Checks

Param Miner 

The Param Miner extension for Burp Suite is a powerful tool that aids in the discovery and analysis of hidden or non-standard URL parameters, headers, and cookies within web applications. It assists security professionals in identifying potential security vulnerabilities and hidden functionalities that may have been overlooked during the testing process.

TOOLParam Miner 

Backslash Powered Scanner

This extension complements Burp’s active scanner by using a novel approach capable of finding and confirming both known and unknown classes of server-side injection vulnerabilities. Evolved from classic manual techniques, this approach reaps many of the benefits of manual testing including casual WAF evasion, a tiny network footprint, and flexibility in the face of input filtering.

TOOLBackslash Powered Scanner

BurpJS Link Finder

The BurpJS Link Finder is an extension for Burp Suite that helps security professionals in the identification and discovery of JavaScript-based links within web applications. JavaScript is a commonly used scripting language in web development, and it plays a crucial role in dynamic and interactive web pages. The BurpJS Link Finder extension enhances the testing capabilities of Burp Suite by automatically scanning and extracting links embedded within JavaScript code.


SQLiPy SQL Integrated

This extension integrates Burp Suite with SQLMap. SQLMap is embedded within the extension; it will be automatically configured, so you can click Start API. In some cases you may need to manually adjust the configuration or run the SQLMap API manually. Once the SQLMap API is running, you just need to right-click in the ‘Request’ sub tab of either the Target or Proxy main tabs and choose ‘SQLiPy Scan’ from the context menu. This will populate the SQLMap Scanner tab with information about that request. Clicking the ‘Start Scan’ button will execute a scan. If the page is vulnerable to SQL injection, then these will be added to the Scanner Results tab.


SAML Raider

The SAML message editor within SAML Raider empowers testers to manipulate SAML messages and assertions, enabling various attacks such as signature spoofing and exclusion. This capability allows for the modification and customization of SAMLRequest, SAMLResponse, and even custom parameter names, providing flexibility in testing different scenarios.

Additionally, SAML Raider facilitates the insertion of XXE (XML eXternal Entity) and XSLT (XML Stylesheet Transformation) payloads, enabling security professionals to test the vulnerability of SAML implementations to these specific attack vectors.

The extension supports essential SAML profiles such as the SAML Webbrowser Single Sign-on Profile and the Web Services Security SAML Token Profile, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of SAML-based applications. It also offers support for various SAML bindings, including POST Binding, Redirect Binding, SOAP Binding, and URI Binding, covering the most common methods of SAML message exchange.


403 Bypasser Extension

The 403 Bypasser extension is an invaluable tool for security researchers and penetration testers in their quest to identify and address vulnerabilities within web applications. In 2023, this extension continues to be a must-know tool for professionals seeking to bypass 403 Forbidden errors, which are often encountered when attempting to access restricted areas of a website.

TOOL 403 Bypasser

Bypass WAF 

The WAF Bypasser extension is a powerful tool utilized by security professionals to bypass Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) in their efforts to assess and enhance the security of web applications. In 2023, this extension continues to be a crucial asset for identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in web applications that are protected by WAFs.

TOOLWAF bypass


In conclusion, exploring and familiarizing oneself with the top 10 Burpsuite extensions is essential for any security professional or enthusiast in 2023. These extensions provide an arsenal of powerful tools to enhance the capabilities of Burpsuite, a widely-used web application security testing platform.

By incorporating these extensions into their workflow, security experts can uncover vulnerabilities, perform comprehensive assessments, and strengthen the security posture of web applications. From bypassing access restrictions to evading Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), these extensions offer a range of functionalities that can greatly assist in the identification and mitigation of potential security risks.

Moreover, staying up-to-date with the latest Burpsuite extensions ensures that security professionals can keep pace with evolving threats and emerging attack techniques. As technology advances, so do the methods used by malicious actors, making it crucial to equip oneself with the most effective tools available.

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