Top 10 Telegram Channels For Cyber Security And Resources

November 28, 20235 min read

In an era where cybersecurity is of paramount importance, the exchange of knowledge and insights among professionals and enthusiasts becomes crucial. Telegram, a popular messaging app, has emerged as a hub for various communities, including cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts.

The top 10 Telegram cybersecurity groups you must join in 2023 are highlighted in the list below. These ten cybersecurity groups on Telegram should help make sure you never miss anything related to cybersecurity, whether you’re interested in penetration testing, red teaming, blue teaming, malware research, reverse engineering, bug hunting, vulnerability research, network security, or anything else to do with cyber or enterprise security. Here are the best Telegram cybersecurity groups.

1. Ethical Hacking Tutorials (t.me/ethicalhackx):

Ethical Hacking Tutorials
  • With a sizable community of over 32,000 members, Ethical Hacking Tutorials is a go-to destination for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts. The group shares the latest CyberSec Courses, research, and tools in the cybersecurity domain, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Ethical Hacking Tutorials (t.me/ethicalhackx_101) group is a haven for tech enthusiasts, offering a space to discuss the latest developments in technology, gadgets, and innovations. It’s an excellent place to share insights and ask questions about the ever-evolving world of tech

2. The Hacker News (t.me/thehackernews):

The Hacker News
Known for its website covering cybersecurity news, The Hacker News Telegram group is an extension of their platform. It provides real-time updates on the latest security vulnerabilities, data breaches, and cyber threats from around the world.

3. Hide01 (t.me/hide01):

Hide01 is a good resource channel which has around 22k + members. Here you will get paid cyber security and tech related courses for free. Here the course comes within a few days of its arrival in the market. They also have a website hide01.ir . 

4. Bug Bounty Channel (t.me/bug_bounty_channel):

Bug Bounty Channel
The Bug Bounty Channel provides you with daily updates about new bug reports that occur on Hackerone platforms. With the help of this channel, you will not need to search for reports, you will get all of them together.

5. The Bug Bounty Hunter (t.me/thebugbountyhunter):

The Bug Bounty Hunter
Bug bounty programs play a crucial role in identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities. This group focuses on discussions related to bug bounty hunting, sharing tips, techniques, and success stories. It’s an excellent resource for those looking to enter the world of ethical hacking. They also have a website thebugbountyhunter.com .

6. Pwn3rzs (t.me/Pwn3rzs):

This channel provides paid cyber security tools for free, so it is a good channel for those who are unable to buy the tools due to lack of money. There are more than 15k members in this channel. and they provide latest version of Acunetix, Invicti, Sonarqube and many more professional tools free.

7. Hidden Links (t.me/hidden_links):

Hidden Links
Hidden Links is a channel where you will get to see links of onion sites which you will not find anywhere else. There you will find onion links to the dark community and services.

8. Thecyberworld (t.me/thecyberw0rld):

Thecyberworld involves simulating cyber-attacks to identify and strengthen vulnerabilities in a system. Thecyberworld group is dedicated to discussions about red teaming methodologies, tools, and techniques, making it an ideal space for professionals involved in offensive security.

9. Cyber Security – Information Security – IT Security – Experts (t.me/cybersecurityexperts):

Cyber Security Experts is a great channel for exchanging information about cyber, IT, and security. This channel was set up for security professionals that want to contribute to the wider security community, get answers to questions directly from security experts and leaders from across the world and help other security experts to enhance their security maturity.

10. Android Security & Malware (t.me/androidMalware):

Android Security & Malware
Android Security & Malware is a channel for all things Android, discussing vulnerabilities, fuzzing techniques, guides and much more. On here you’ll find great questions and answers to real Android security problems, links to open source tools, malware analyses, new CVEs, and a plethora of tips and guides. 

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