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Stirling-PDF – PDF manipulation Tool

This is a powerful locally hosted web based PDF manipulation tool using docker that allows you to perform various operations on PDF files, such as splitting merging, converting, reorganizing, adding images, rotating, compressing, and more. This locally hosted web application started as a 100% ChatGPT-made application and has evolved to include a wide range of features to handle all your PDF needs.

Stirling PDF makes no outbound calls for any record keeping or tracking.

All files and PDFs exist either exclusively on the client side, reside in server memory only during task execution, or temporarily reside in a file solely for the execution of the task. Any file downloaded by the user will have been deleted from the server by that point.


  • Dark mode support.
  • Custom download options (see here for example)
  • Parallel file processing and downloads
  • API for integration with external scripts
  • Optional Login and Authentication support (see here for documentation)

PDF Features

Page Operations

  • View and modify PDFs – View multi page PDFs with custom viewing sorting and searching. Plus on page edit features like annotate, draw and adding text and images. (Using PDF.js with Joxit and Liberation.Liberation fonts)
  • Full interactive GUI for merging/splitting/rotating/moving PDFs and their pages.
  • Merge multiple PDFs together into a single resultant file.
  • Split PDFs into multiple files at specified page numbers or extract all pages as individual files.
  • Reorganize PDF pages into different orders.
  • Rotate PDFs in 90-degree increments.
  • Remove pages.
  • Multi-page layout (Format PDFs into a multi-paged page).
  • Scale page contents size by set %.
  • Adjust Contrast.
  • Crop PDF.
  • Auto Split PDF (With physically scanned page dividers).
  • Extract page(s).
  • Convert PDF to a single page.

Conversion Operations

  • Convert PDFs to and from images.
  • Convert any common file to PDF (using LibreOffice).
  • Convert PDF to Word/Powerpoint/Others (using LibreOffice).
  • Convert HTML to PDF.
  • URL to PDF.
  • Markdown to PDF.

Security & Permissions

  • Add and remove passwords.
  • Change/set PDF Permissions.
  • Add watermark(s).
  • Certify/sign PDFs.
  • Sanitize PDFs.
  • Auto-redact text.

Other Operations

  • Add/Generate/Write signatures.
  • Repair PDFs.
  • Detect and remove blank pages.
  • Compare 2 PDFs and show differences in text.
  • Add images to PDFs.
  • Compress PDFs to decrease their filesize (Using OCRMyPDF).
  • Extract images from PDF.
  • Extract images from Scans.
  • Add page numbers.
  • Auto rename file by detecting PDF header text.
  • OCR on PDF (Using OCRMyPDF).
  • PDF/A conversion (Using OCRMyPDF).
  • Edit metadata.
  • Flatten PDFs.
  • Get all information on a PDF to view or export as JSON.

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  1. why doesn’t the download link not appear, when I press the direct link button, and it says “you will be redirected” I have waited a long time but still nothing appears. Please solve it

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